Welcome to my blog.  I decided to set this up as a way of releasing my demons and encouraging others to write.  For a long time now – in fact for more years than I care to remember – I’ve wanted to write.  So what was stopping me you may ask.  I guess that being a perfectionist at heart, I was worried that I wouldn’t be any good. I still had all these ideas floating around in my head but didn’t dare put pen to paper. Then there was the thought of loved ones thinking I was barmy for even trying to write a novel.  If the stories were in my head, nobody could criticise, right?  But a chance meeting changed all that.  This is my story of the journey from unknown to best-selling author!!!  Well, we can all dream,  can’t we?   More of that later but follow me to see the progress of my first novel, “The Greek Urn”.  I hope you enjoy the journey and find some inspiration.