People always tell you to write about what you know.  This is pretty good advice and I wish I’d heard it before I started writing a short story where the villain pulls a Uzi out of his pocket.   I honestly had no idea they were huge machine guns – I just thought it sounded good!  So, if you don’t know what you’re writing about, a lot of detailed research is in order unless you’re writing comedy of course and don’t mind being laughed at. So, I started with the idea of setting my novel in Greece.  As I’d spent a couple of years there in the 1980s that’s when I decided my story would take place.    So, with time and location sorted, it should be a piece of cake I thought.    How wrong can you be?  I hadn’t kept detailed notes of my time there so it was all down to memory.  Now some days I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday let alone more than 30 years ago, so even though I was writing about a time and a place I once knew well, it still involved checking every fact to be sure it was how I really remembered it.  I found my old street map of Athens – don’t ask why I’d kept it all this time, maybe I just knew that one day it’d come in useful!  Anyway, armed with old photos and as much inspiration as I could draw from the internet, I was ready to begin thinking about the characters. Follow me tomorrow to find out the next step in my writing journey.