Personally, I like books which tell a story and preferably a story which keeps my interest to the end.  When I started writing it was more a case of “stream of consciousness” than a page -turning novel but that didn’t really matter too much because at least there was something to edit later.  I invested in a nice notebook where I would record any thoughts or ideas that came to me.  This proved to be a good investment as I’ve ‘lost’ so many good ideas in the past – you know the ones just as you’re falling asleep and you think I’ll remember that tomorrow – only you never do!

I only had a rough idea of plot – girl goes to Greece to escape damaging relationship and in the process finds herself etc etc.  I also liked the idea of having two endings so the reader can choose how the book ends.  I also wanted to include flashbacks to the heroine’s childhood in Yorkshire.  The heroine could also have paranormal flashes linking the past and the future.  By now , I still had no plot but far too many things going on.  Drastic action was needed.  I left the first few chapters for a while realising that I’d reached an impasse.

When I re-read the work in progress I was surprised –  by just how disjointed the book was.  I knew I needed to do something but I didn’t know how to progress.  It wasn’t until the OH suggested a title – until now I had considered several titles but none of them seemed quite right so it had always been known as the WIP, but giving a title to the novel gave it a focus  and changed the plot completely!  I was finally on the way to writing  “The Greek Urn”.