I’m sure this has happened to most writers at some point in their literary career and if it hasn’t happened to you then you should count yourself lucky.  In my case, I had written about twelve chapters of the Work In Progress, the characters were developing nicely, the story was moving along but suddenly I was stumped – I had no idea where my novel was going next.  I couldn’t see any way of getting from the point where I was to the vague conclusion I had in my mind.  I was stymied!  Again, i took advice from other writers who said I should leave it for a while and then come back to it.  This was all very well but it didn’t seem to be getting me any further forward and to be honest I was starting to miss my daily ‘fix’.  So, I embarked on plan B, which was to go back to an earlier point in the story and get rid of the later bits which were causing this impasse.  Firstly, I wasn’t too happy about deleting a quarter of what I’d written but it seemed this sacrifice was the only way forward. Secondly, I wasn’t even sure if it would work but I consoled myself with the fact that I could always use the deleted chapters somewhere else maybe.  anyway, to my surprise, by peeling away the parts which, in fact, didn’t add to the story but just served to hold it up, I found myself back on track but with a totally different book to the one I first envisaged.  What really surprised me, however, was that the setting changed and in doing so, the person who was the hero in my original version was ousted by a new character who seemed to take over.  After about 15,000 words I realised that the hero hadn’t yet appeared and probably wasn’t going to, unless in a much minor role.  By changing the location, adding another character and subplot I found I could move the story on.  I’m not sure if this would work every time and maybe not for everyone.  So, why not leave a comment saying how you deal with writer’s block?