Whilst trying to write, it can be quite easy to lose the plot, both literally and metaphorically speaking.  I thought, rather naively as it turns out, that as this was my first novel and my baby, it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep track of what was happening and to make sure that there were no glaring contradictions regarding the characters.  That’s probably why I’ve spent the last few weeks reading and re-reading what I’ve already written, instead of moving forward.  It was more a problem with the minor characters than the hero , for example, but I decided I needed a more organised way of recalling what I’d written.  Now I didn’t go down the road of creating a spreadsheet like one writer friend of mine, but I did decide to keep a notebook dedicated to each character.  This has helped enormously especially as I have now started to cross reference characters too. I also invested in a new notebook on the suggestion of another friend, a pretty one that might inspire me to use it.  In the past, I’ve never been a great fan of mind mapping, but for this purpose it works a treat for me.  A double page for each character and all the pertinent information in bubbles around them!  Perfect!  I’m enjoying this so much that I might need to invest in another notebook to write down all the ideas for the future plot.  I know, I know, many people have their plot mapped out for each chapter before they start writing.  Sadly, that doesn’t work for me.  What started life as ‘The Greek Urn’ may well metamorphosize into something else by the end of my journey.