Some people say that what you write is influenced to a large extent by what you read. This also means that the genre will depend on what you enjoy.  After all, there’s no point writing about zombie vampires if that doesn’t float your boat.  Obviously, if it does, then that’s the genre for you! I do feel that my first novel, ‘The Greek Urn’ is dictating its own genre or should I say genres. as it doesn’t fit easily into one specific genre. It started out as a romance set in Greece and London.  Along the way, a Greek urn which I discovered in a charity shop has involved itself in my story, which gives it an added plot and a bit more depth.  It’s also  a journey of a young woman trying to find herself and through her guardian Angel, we catch glimpses of the past or the future? There’s also a bit of erotic sex in there as well.   So, whatever genre it ends up being in the end, I hope I’m going to be pretty happy continuing in much the same mould in the future as I know how authors are pigeon-holed.  My advice to self –  just write , write , write and see where the wonderful journey takes you.  Oh, and be sure to enjoy it along the way.