My first foray into writing a novel started off all right – okay, so there were a few moments where the plot took an unexpected twist and then the characters took on a life of their own, but in general I felt it wasn’t going along too badly for a first attempt.

Now, I didn’t sit down and plot it out chapter by chapter, which on reflection, would have been a marvellous idea, but I just can’t seem to write like that.  I don’t know about you, but once my fngers start flying over the keyboard, anything can happen!  So, I had my beginning and I also had an ending in mind. The hard bit was how to get my characters from where they were to where I wanted them to be.

I don’t mind admitting that I reached an impasse.  My story was stuck.  I couldn’t get it to advance and even when I wrote the outline, it still wasn’t anywhere long enough.  I spoke to others about this problem and got some good advice.  One tweep suggested I think of the worst thing that could happen to my character and write about that.  Another suggested that I go back and edit what I’d already written so that I could see where it needed filling out. The problem was, I didn’t want to write just anything for the sake of it!   Bearing in mind that whatever I wrote could always be deleted at a later date, I just went with the flow and wrote, wrote, wrote, even if it didn’t seem very good.  The upshot was that the story took off in yet another direction with more characters that I hadn’t imagined at the beginning.  I’m not sure if this will solve the problem of the ‘middle bit’, but it has certainly got me back into the swing of things.  Just hope the momentum lasts!

Let me know how you’ve overcome this tediious problem.