On my twitter profile I call myself a ‘would-be writer’.  I’ve had quite a few comments about this mostly from people asking why I don’t call myself a writer as I’m obviously working on my first novel.  I suppose I should really call myself a ‘would-be’ author then. The problem is, at what stage can you refer to yourself as a writer/author?

It’s not that I don’t take my writing seriously.  On the contrary, I aspire like many others to one day having a book published. Something stops me though from referring to myself as a writer or indeed an author and i wonder if this is because I can’t aspire to be as good as those novelists I admire. It could also be that I don’t write full time – rather I grab moments when I can around work and looking after a young child. Thidly, I haven’t had anything published yet so how can I think of myself as a writer when nobody has read anything I’ve written?

I’d love to know at what point you started to consider youelf a writer/author.  Was it when you first put pen to paper? ( or typed your first words).  Was it when you finished a manuscript?  Did you need to be a published writer before you dared call yourself by that hallowed term or did you ned to be a best seller – in the Amazon 100 for example?

Leave a message and see what others think?